Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Internet Dating Adventure Fail Example #2

I unfortunately did not save the messages from this next internet dating site failure. However, the experience was so unique I remember quite clearly what happened. So most of this will be from memory and in a different format than the last one. Also, a friend of mine (Joe J Johnson II) who I had a skype conversation with about this guy happened to save some of the messaging back and forth.

It started off when I logged in to find a message where the guy didn't even make a pretense at getting to know me. All he offered was that he was interested and then went on to invite me to go over to his house for pizza and a movie.

If you remember from my earlier post, I'm already nervous about meeting people from the internet in a public place, let alone going over to some strange guys house. I sent him a message telling him that I was uncomfortable with his plan.

His response perplexed me. He said that he wished he could take me out somewhere fancy or to the movies or something else equally awesome but that he couldn't. Filled with curiosity at this dramatic statement I had to ask him why none of these things could happen, what could make him resort to pizza and a movie? I thought maybe he was unemployed or had a phobia of public places. His answer was both shocking and cliche.

Turns out he's under house arrest because he was going over 155 miles per hour and didn't pull over when the cops tried to stop him. He said he didn't get a DUI or anything and he didn't do anything wrong it was just a mistake. Apparently in his world, going more than twice the speed limit is not doing anything wrong...

I sent him a message back

E: I'm going to be honest with you.

Even if you weren't under house arrest I wouldn't meet you at your house on the first meeting. I have no way of knowing your intentions and assuring me otherwise far from makes me feel comfortable with that idea.

I have no interest in dating a guy that's currently under house arrest. I am curious why you would possibly run from the cops if you had nothing to run from - because that's what it sounds like you are saying which to me seems deceptive. I don't think you're a bad guy, I think you did a stupid thing and now you're paying for it. Unfortunately that means that for now you miss out on dating me.

I was not expecting this as a response.

House Arrest Guy: and that's fine with me, because apparently you're extremely judgemental. you have no clue why i'm on house arrest and yet you think i'm being deceptive. no thanks. i'll find someone who isnt going to judge me before meeting me.

PS. i'm on house arrest because i ran from the cops in order to save the life of my ex-fiance. the judge didnt want to sentence me but his hands were tied. I got in trouble for doing the right thing, so sue me.

PSS. under no other circumstance would i ever ask you to meet me at my house, nor would i want you knowing where i live, however this is the only way i can meet new people.

have a great day.

No joke, he said that.

It terrified me, but being a know-it-all bint trumps my inherent paranoia so I had to get the last word in.

E: 1) If you were saving someone's life, maybe pulling over and telling the POLICE would have been a good idea, which is why I said it was a stupid thing to do.

2) I never said you were being deceptive, I said it seemed deceptive. If I thought you were outright lying I never would have bothered with responding but I was curious to give you a chance.

3) Yes, I'm judging you. Everyone does it. You said you were under house arrest and you were unclear as to why. However to assume that all judgments are wrong or negative is naive.

4) You already ASKED me to meet you at your place so don't get all high and mighty about it now. I understand this is the only way to meet new people and that's fine, but I like to go out and DO things which is why I said I wouldn't date you - no other reason. If you were paying attention you would have noticed that I said "FOR NOW". I never said I had no interest in continuing to talk with you.

So you've managed to be a complete hypocrite, jump to incorrect conclusions and throw a tantrum all in one message. Congratulations. I'm officially NOT interested in you in any way shape or form.

Then I blocked him.

I still hope he doesn't manage to e-stalk me and find me cause that guy is obviously crazy.


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