Thursday, November 25, 2010

Don't Take My Turkey Day

Today while I was finishing up some dip for dinner later today I sent out a mass text wishing everyone a "Happy Turkey Day!" I felt this was a good cheerful way to start off the morning. Until I got back about three text messages wishing me a happy "Indian Genocide Day" or some alteration of this.

This is annoying, and I have a few responses to it.

1) If we're going to play the politically correct game, it's "Native American" not "Indian".

2) The very first Thanksgiving was about living peacefully together, it wasn't a blind slaughter where the Pilgrims murdered every Native American that showed their face. This means, even the first Thanksgiving was a celebration of love and peace. What may have transpired later by different colonists is not what this day is about.

3) I know you think you're "culturally aware" by mentioning genocide on a holiday about love, but really this just makes you look like a dick. You're taking a holiday where people get together with family and friends and are just generally happy and you're turning it into something ugly, just to bring other people down, just because you took some Native American studies class so you have to show off how much you "know".

4) You may want to celebrate the genocide of a people (you monster!), but I like to celebrate coming together, the feast, and the chance to share with people I don't normally see throughout the year how appreciative I am for them.

5) Quit living in the past. I'm a pagan, people with my beliefs were practically wiped out when Christianity took over and I still live with encountering the prejudice in this day and age. I don't dwell on it though, it's not worth it. If we did nothing but be sad about things that happened to our ancestors, nothing would get done! I am an individual and just as I am not burdened by the prejudice of the past I will not feel guilty for perpetuating a negativity that I, personally, had nothing to do with. I'm all about moving forward, yo.

6) If you really can't get over Thanksgiving, then instead of shoving your negativity down peoples throats, do something private or with other people you believe like you do. Frankly, that's just rude and borderline oppressive. Maybe you can start thinking up ways to ruin Christmas for everyone else too?

For the rest of you? Happy Turkey Day! Get stuffed! Be Merry!


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