Thursday, December 16, 2010

So Much Racism!

GooBoy: brb gotta restart

E: Augh

E: racist


E: Also, you're totally racist.

GooBoy: I am the least racist person ever, but you are definitely the most racist.... racist.

E: I'm allowed to be racist

E: I'm hispanic

E: that means I'm entitled

GooBoy: no, that's not what that means

E: yeah

GooBoy: how can you possibly justify that?

E: It's true for every minority.

E: Racism is totally allowed.

E: Nigga (but don't you say it, cause that would make you racist which isn't allowed).

GooBoy: ·_·

E: Jimmy to da jizzeeeee! I don't even know what that means but I can SAY IT and if you say it, it means you're trying to hard to be culturally relevant.

GooBoy: that's not what it means

E: ninja please

E: totally what it means.

GooBoy: well now i'm just getting more and more offended

E: you aren't allowed to be offended by racism

E: cause you're white

E: what do you know about prejudice

GooBoy: we talked about this

E: Yeah, about your cushy white boy life that's never known hardship

GooBoy: I'm going to hurt you

GooBoy: so very badly

GooBoy: in or around the face

E: That would be what we call a "hate crime"

E: Right there? That was "hate threatening"

E: Bro you best watch yo' back or the popo's gun be ALL UP IN YER FACE LIKE WWWUUUUUTTT?!

GooBoy: y'know there are times where you scare me

GooBoy: this is one of those times, but for the wrong reasons

E: I'm not following you

E: which is inherently racist

E: you aren't being culturally sensitive to my lower education

E: which is that way simply because of my race and nothing else.

GooBoy: I... have nothing to say

E: How was my gangstaaaaa talk scary?

E: Did you think I would really call the cops on you?

E: I wouldn't do that over something like that.

GooBoy: you were being retarded


E: Just cause we din' all up and git yer fancy edumacation!?!

E: Insensitive.

GooBoy: -_-

E: That's right.

E: I love this conversation so much I want to have sex with it.

I do. I reaaaallly do.

This conversation has been edited for time.



  1. we talked about this. I am not white.

  2. Wait, can people can be racist TO you? I guess my charmed white life hasn't taught me this lesson yet.

  3. @ Ryan - you keep saying that, but I calls 'em as I sees 'em! Though to be fair, you insisting that means you're missing the point entirely :)

    @ Johnny - hahaha, we learn something new every day!