Sunday, December 12, 2010

Internet Dating Adventure Fail Example #4

Sometimes it's really hard for me not to be a smartass.

Him :hi

E :hi

Him :how are you?

E :Trying to work up the desire to clean

E :How are you?

Him :not bad

Him :just think about how great the end result will be

Him :and that you'll burn calories

Him :that's how i try to think of it

E :Oh sure, all that stuff is great

E :But right now I'm on the -internet-

Him :so get off

Him :the internet i mean

E :Okay

And that's when I logged off of OkCupid. So I didn't leave the internet but I thought it was hilarious and figured I would share.


EDIT: I just got this in my inbox

Missed Instant Message:

Him: hello?


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