Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Some Sleepy-Time Stories II

As may be recalled in THIS POST I have some odd sleep issues.

There are some incidents that don't have as much of a story or background. Like when I woke up on the downstairs couch, or when I woke up outside the family front door at two in the morning completely naked, or even the time my (now ex) boyfriend told me I was rambling about cruise ships for refrigerators. Some do have more stories and those are the ones I will focus on sharing.

This one was told by my sister and happened when I was about fourteen or fifteen.

The family house was small and my room was a 10X10 box. The only way I was able to have both a nice big bed AND a desk is by having one of those awesome frames that has the bed above and the desk below. Somehow, despite this particular obstacle, I managed to climb down from the bed -while asleep- completely wrapped in my comforter and appear in my sisters doorway.

She was sitting at her computer and looked up at me. I blinked a few times then spoke.

E: Do you have a yield sign I can borrow?

Big Sista: What? E, you're asleep.

According to Big Sister I proceeded to look really confused and she walked over and started slapping my face. I protested and pushed her away, insisting that I was awake. I left her in the doorway then turned around and moved to the bathroom doorway across the hall where I stood like a freak for a little while. Then I dropped my comforter, walked back into my room, climbed back up the bed and went to sleep.

I woke up a few hours later freezing cold. I climbed down to find my comforter in the bathroom and Big Sister still awake where she proceeded to explain what just happened.

She still tells this story on a regular basis.

I don't know why I would ever need a yield sign. Or why I would think Big Sister would have one.



  1. My wife fell asleep before me last night, and as I was watching TV, she coughed and a piece of snot shot on to my bare back. My point us that things could be worse.

  2. That's... horrifying. I don't consider my stories bad, I think they're amusing.

    But that? Eeewwww oh gad gross!!