Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fireside Stories Of A Fangirl

I'm a pretty dedicated nerd. I'm not the kind of nerd that's hyper specialized but I like a lot of different things. When I really like something it's kind of ridiculous how into it I get.

When in my late teens I got into a show called Kyle XY. I loved the story, the acting, the writing and especially...

Matt Dallas.

I'm usually more attracted to guys with obvious flaws but I felt like he was so perfect. It was stupid how smitten I was with this guy that I had never even met. A completely unique experience, usually the guys that I felt this way about were fictional (anime character types).

Imagine my joy when I was at Comic-Con and learned that the entire main cast was going to be there. The suspense was killing me. I went to the booth to inquire about the autographs, I highlighted the panel I wrote a letter and drew a picture of me jumping on his back while he called for security. It was bad. So bad.

Saturday came and I eagerly went straight to the booth where the autographs would be held after the panel to double check. My world crumbled a bit when I was informed that they had already handed out all the passes for the autograph session. I was crushed and infuriated. I had been told that all I had to do was show up, that there was no talk of passes. I walked through comic-con until I found Big Sister and Willow. Unable to keep in the feelings anymore I hugged them and started crying.

They comforted me, assured me that at the panel I'd still get to see them. They said that when they open the floor for questions I should ask to give Matt Dallas my letter and picture since I wouldn't have a chance to talk to him. I was calmed.

To be continued....


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