Monday, March 7, 2011

Fireside Stories Of A Fangirl (Cont.)

I was so excited for the Kyle XY panel that I went in to the panel before it to make sure I had a seat. It was pretty interesting - the panel was hosted by BET and talked about black superheros and what an impact they have on today's society. I didn't pay too much attention though, I kept going back to the picture I drew and agonizing over whether it would go over well or if I should even bother. Maybe I should have just acknowledged that I missed out?

The panel started. The crowd, mostly girls, cheered when Matt Dallas was asked to show if he actually had a belly button (he does). After the hosted interview and promotions for the show the floor opened for questions. My sister and two friends urged me into line where I waited what felt like way too long for my turn. I went over and over in my mind what I would say.

My turn came and my preparation went out the window. Trembling, I shyly leaned into the mic, "Actually, I have more a request than a question."

The room went quiet and the host told me to continue.

"I... drew a piece of fan art for Matt. I was wondering if I could give it to him?"

The next few moments were insane. I was told that I COULD give it to him, but they didn't just have me walk forward and hand it to him, I was gestured to GO ON THE STAGE. Next thing I knew I was walking toward the most beautiful man I had ever seen as he stood to greet me. Still shaking I handed him the picture which he took and looked at for a moment.

Looking back up at me I immediately get caught up in his eyes. My first thought was that the camera just didn't do those eyes justice. He spoke. He spoke! I tried to pay attention.

"It's so cute, thank you!"

And then he hugged me.

On stage.

He smelled so good.

I couldn't tell if the other fangirls were cheering or screaming in envy, either way there was a lot of sound.

I left the stage and sat down next to my sister, still giddy and shaking. The rest of the panel was a bit of a blur. Girls around me kept glance-glaring back at me. My sister and friends teased me. The panel ended.

That was when my sister decided to share with me that she had recorded everything on her camera. Later that night when we watched it over we could hear other girls around us call me a "lucky bitch" and all sorts of colorful things along with exclamations of "Why her?!".

I was a bit proud.

That ends my fangirliest moment.



  1. I probably would have made comments in the same vein - jealous much?!

    Lady A x

  2. @Lady A - Haha, yeah that's pretty much why I didn't let it get to me. They can say what they want but I hugged Matt Dallas. So... win!

    @Brent - I was planning on it but my sister has locked her photobucket and I can't get in D:


  3. I saw a video from that event & your voice was so shaky!! If you want I can send you a link :)