Friday, January 7, 2011

What Becomes Of Snow?

It seems I've been missing since the 23rd of December.

I'd apologize but frankly I was on vacation with my family and only recently returned and got my life back in order. So I really can't say I'm sorry for not posting when I'm not at all. I had a blast.

I also got many blog ideas so I will not be slacking in that area.

It begins now.

I don't know if I mentioned this before but I spent much of my young childhood in Germany.

After that we moved to Southern California and since then I haven't really seen snow. Being so young in Germany I didn't care what snow looked like up close, I just wanted to do stuff in it like roll around and ruin it before anyone else did. It's a passion I hold with today.

A few years ago I had a brief stint in Utah when I followed my family and friends out there. That four months I was too busy spending most of it being an alcoholic chain smoker and working two jobs rather than do anything in the snow, even though I chose the winter months to live out there (though I still had a passion for wrecking undisturbed snow).

However this past year I decided that snow is AWESOME and I LOVE it and I could not wait to visit my folks over the holidays so that I could play in it! Sure enough the day after Christmas right while my mom and I were bickering I turned around and it had started snowing. Filled with childlike joy three of my moms dogs and I ran outside in circles. They were barking, I was laughing and mom was yelling at me for making a ruckus. I ruined as much snow as possible before collapsing and making a snow angel which the dogs promptly ruined by running all over it and me as I rolled around.

It was pure joy.

I also learned a few things about snow that I did not know before, having lived so long in such a mild, calm, temperate climate.

I was joyously shoveling the driveway, walkway and stairs for my mom (this being a novel and interesting chore I was happy to do it) when I got the urge to catch some snow in my gloves. After a few moments I realized with amazement that snowflakes DO IN FACT LOOK LIKE SNOWFLAKES! I thought maybe they were minuscule or romanticized by card makers everywhere because all I had ever seen of real snow was little clumps. Now that I was paying attention there were delicate, intricate details that I had cut out of paper when I was a child. I yelled for mom and showed her on my gloves.

Mom: What is it?

E : They really look like Snowflakes! Look!

Mom: ... You are so from California. Finish the driveway.

A few days later I shared another realization with my friend while we were shopping.

Moony: I hate the snow.

E : Are you kidding! It's amazing! I love it!

Moony: Because you don't have to live in it.

E : Well I did learn a few things.

Moony: That it's terrible?

E : No. I just wanted to have a snowball fight. But I learned that if you get snow, pack it together into a ball and throw it at someone it doesn't actually start a snowball fight. they just yell at you. I tried twice.

Moony: ....

E : I just wanted it to be like in the movies where everyone laughs and it starts a huge fun snowball fight.

Moony: You really need to stop living in a fantasy world.

I didn't think it was too much to ask for. I think it's perfectly reasonable. I also think those folks were rude for yelling at me and that the world still owes me an awesomely fun snowball fight!


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